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1. Which Data partners are on the eloquence list? Bookmen Ingram Syndetics
Anderson Merchandise Library of Congress Traders Library
Anderson News Borders Webnotions
Barnes & Noble Bowker Muze Yahoo! Books Children's Literature Northshire Bookstore
B&N Distribution Follet Library Powells Bookstores
Baker & Taylor Informata Preview Port

2. Can we send our title information to other distributors in a different format than ONIX?

Yes! While ONIX is gaining support throughout the Publishing Industry, not all potential data partners have agreed to accept only ONIX formatted files. eloquence has a number of pre-defined formats that include the BISAC 832, Amazon format, and several others, as well as Microsoft Excel (or tab delimited).

3. How do we add a new data partner to our eloquence list?

The first thing to do is to find out if they will accept an ONIX format or if they have a custom format. Forward the data partner's pertinent contact information to your eloquence Account Manager. Eloquence will work with you and your data partners to leverage your MarCom information through eloquence.

4. What happens if the ONIX format changes?

Firebrand Technologies is involved with the ONIX and BISAC committees. As soon as a change is approved we will update our servers with the most recent version. Since the formatting is done on the eloquence server we can manage each version of the format required by your data partners, saving you the headaches of having to manage multiple versions, in multiple formats, for multiple data partners!

5. How much work is it to send an existing or past seasons catalog?

Once a title has been set up in the Title Management system, it takes as little as 10 minutes to build an e-Catalog that is ready to send to eloquence. If your current season's sales catalogs are already defined they can be sent at any time.

6. Should we send our Backlist titles through eloquence?

Yes! If you have the data available, embellish it with the latest jacket/cover image, new quotes, reviews, prologues, excerpts, tables of contents, etc.. Take advantage of eloquence to push all of the titles in your inventory.

7. How does eloquence know when title information has changed?

For eloquence clients who also use the Firebrand Technologies Publisher Solutions Series 5, Title Management has a Title History function that tracks all changes to the title data elements. For titles that have previous been sent to eloquence the system automatically puts the title in the Outbox, if one of the key elements changes. The next 'Send to Eloquence' will pick up any new catalogs, as well as any changed titles.

8. Do all the fields and comments have to be filled in before we send the files to eloquence?

No, one of the greatest benefits that eloquence offers is the ability to perform an unlimited number of updates. Send the pre-pub title information; update once the sale catalog is completed, and then again after reviews, quotes, and awards have been added. Your meta-data evolves over time, eloquence provides you with the opportunity to update your data partners with the most current snap-shot.

9. Are we limited to just sending image files in one format?

Using the Title Management's File Location functions you can add an unlimited number of files that will include excerpts, table of contents, cover/jacket images in any format, ebooks, and Adobe pdf files. The features of the File Locations window (in Title Management) allow you to track an unlimited number of file types, and to indicate which ones are to be sent electronically to your data partners.

10. Can we add new comment fields to the eloquence send?

Yes, working with your eloquence Account Manager you can add, modify, and map new comment, copy, and note types that you want to include as part of the ONIX file.

11. How often should we send updates?

This is really dependent upon how often your meta-data changes and when do you want to make this available to your data partners. Some eloquence customers send on a weekly basis while others send monthly or seasonally.

12. What's the difference between a p-Catalog, e-Catalog, and a w-Catalog?

One of the greatest benefits of Title Management is the ability to efficiently re-purpose marketing meta-data. Once titles are setup, classified, and marketing/editorial copy defined this information can be leveraged in an assortment of ways. Title Management offers the ability to create printed catalogs (p-Catalog) for sales and marketing groups, an electronic catalog (e-Catalog) to send to data partners, and a web catalog (w-Catalog) to feed to company intranet/internet site(s).

13. Once we have completed the first Send Using eloquence (on our end), when we add information to a title to be sent out do we pull up the catalog that was sent and go through the same process for the entire list again?

No! Once a title has been sent, you only need to go to the Outbox to see the list of changed titles and to send those changes on to Eloquence.

14. Currently each field in the Notes section has been checked off Send to Eloquence that has been populated. If I add a couple of sentences now to the original data will eloquence pick this up?

If a comment or note type is modified, Title Management automatically places the title in the Outbox and is available to send to eloquence at any time.

15. If our editors type information in the editorial notes for future titles and do not check the Send to Eloquence button will that information be sent out when we pull it? For example they are populating the Fall 2000 titles and we will be processing this information in the next few weeks, some of this data may not be finalized.

If the 'Send to Eloquence Indicator' is not check for that comment, then this element will not be sent. All other data elements will be sent, and once the copy has been reviewed, signed-off, or edited and it ready to be made public, you just need to click the indicator and it will make the title available in the Outbox for the next send.

16. Should you send excerpts and table of contents as a comment or as a separate file?

Title Management offers you two alternatives for sending this type of information. You may either attach documents to the File Locations to send as separate files, or you may add the copy into one of the Marketing Copy comment fields to be included with the meta-data file.

17. Can we see a list of titles that we have sent to eloquence?

Sure. To view a sample list of titles sent to eloquence visit:

18. How do we know when the data partner has received title metadata from eloquence?

Eloquence sends a confirmation receipt indicating that the data has been sent.

19. How does eloquence guarantee that all our data partners have the same information?

Eloquence can only guarantee that all approved data partners will receive the same data at approximately the same time, and that you will remain in control of the source data (i.e. you determine what meta data is sent using the eloquence service).

20. Will title information we send to a data partner ever be over written from another source?

Data partners use data from a variety of sources, including internal legacy systems, e-mail, reprocessed or transcripted data, and so on. Logic would suggest that they would prefer at all times to use data from the most reliable source- namely, the publisher. If you advise your data partners to always protect your marketing metadata sent via eloquence it may improve the likelihood that it will not get overwritten with other obsolete data.

20. Who are the main group of eloquence customers that supply data to eloquence.

AAA Games Workshop Manchester University Press Simon & Schuster
AAA Children's Globe Pequot Press Meadowbrook Simon & Schuster Audio
Andrews McMeel Publishing Graywolf Press Media Weavers Simon & Schuster Australia
Aperture Guilford Publications Michael O'Mara Books Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Audio Renaissance Habitat for Humanity Millbrook Press Simon & Schuster Interactive
Baen Hambledon & London Mira Simon & Schuster UK
Baseball America Harcourt Trade Publishers National Geographic Skira
Bloomsbury USA Harcourt, Inc New York Times Books Slack
Byron Preiss Harlequin Nightingale-Conant Soho Press
Cadogan Harvill Press North Point Press St. Martin's Press
Callaway Hearst Northwestern University Press Sterling Publishing
Cardoza Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. Open Road Strebor Books
Carlton Books Henry Holt and Co. Palgrave Tallfellow Press
College Board Hill and Wang Palgrave Distribution Tom Doherty Associates
Compass Labs Inc. Holt Adult Trade Palgrave Macmillan Troll Communications
Consumer Hydra Publishing Payne Stewart Universe Publishing
Consumer Reports I Books Picador Villegas Editores
DC Comics I. B. Tauris R & S Books Welcome Books
Edmunds Publications International Mgmt Group Reader's Digest Wizards of the Coast
Enchanted Lion Books Jossey Bass Rizzoli International Publications World Almanac
Faber & Faber Kaplan Rodale Zambezi
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Levin Rugged Land Zed Books
Flammarion Libros Para Ninos Scholastic Inc.
Friedman/Fairfax Main Street Signatures Network

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