Barchester Towers
Anthony Trollope
Dover Publications
528 pages
Pub Date: 07/18/2017
ISBN:  978-0-486-81577-0
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Last Import Date: 11/02/2017
Last Cover Upload Date: 02/09/2018
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About The Author
Anthony Trollope (1815–82) was one of the greatest English novelists of the Victorian era. His works include The Last Chronicle of Barset, The Way We Live Now, and other enduringly popular books.
About This Book
A new bishop arrives in the fictional cathedral town of Barchester, launching a comical battle for ascendancy among the local clergymen and their dependents. Dr. Proudie, the newly appointed bishop, brings two powerful allies: Mrs. Proudie, the outspoken power behind the ecclesiastical throne, and a scheming chaplain, the odious Obadiah Slope. Anthony Trollope's novel satirizes Anglican Church infighting during the 1850s between "low church" reformers and "high church" conservatives. Trollope's ironic observations and keen social and psychological insights combine to form a tale with timeless appeal.
There are many ways to approache the prolific Victorian author's 47 novels, and Barchester Towers is among the best as an introduction. The success of its predecessor, The Warden, inspired Trollope to return to Barchester for the next in what ultimately became a series of six related novels. Rich in humor, wisdom, and memorable characters, this volume offers a captivating portrait of provincial life in 19th-century England.
Table of Contents
I. Who Will Be the New Bishop?
II. Hiram's Hospital, According to an Act of Parliament
III. Dr. and Mrs. Proudie
IV. The Bishop's Chaplain
V. A Morning Visit
VI. War
VII. The Dean and Chapter Take Counsel
VIII. The Ex-Warden Rejoices in His Probable Return to the Hospital
IX. The Stanhope Family
X. Mrs. Proudie's Reception--Commences
XII. Slope versus Harding
XIII. The Rubbish Cart
XIV. The New Champion
XV. The Widow's Suitors
XVI. Baby Worship
XVII. Who Shall be Cock of the Walk?
XVIII. The Widow's Persecution
XIX. Barchester by Moonlight
XX. Mr. Arabin
XXI. St. Ewold's Parsonage
XXII. The Thorns of Ullathorne
XXIII. Mr. Asrabinn Reads Himself in at St. Ewold's
XXIV. Mr. Slopes Manages Very Cleverly at Puddingdale
XXV. Fourteen Arguments in Favour of Mr. Quiverful's Claims
XXVI. Mrs. Proudie Wrestles and Gets a Fall
XXVII. A Love Scene
XXVIII. Mrs. Bold is Entertained by Dr. and Mrs. Grantly at Plumstead
XXIX. A Serious Interview
XXX. Another Love Scene
XXXI. The Bishop's Library
XXII. A New Candidate for Ecclesiastical Honours
XXXIII. Mrs. Proudie Victrix
XXXIV. Oxford--The Master and the Tutor of Lazarus
XXXV. Miss Thorne's Fete Champerte
XXXVI. Ullathorne Sports--Act I
XXXVII. The Countess De Courcy, Mrs. Proudie, and the Signora Neroni Meet Each Other at Ullathorne
XXXVIII. The Bishop Sits Down to Breakfast, and the Dean Dies
XXXIX The Lookalofts and the Greenacres
XL. Ullathorne Sports--Act II
XLII. Ullathorne Sports--Act III
XLIII. Mr. and Mrs. Quiverful are Made Happy. Mr. Slope is Encouraged by the Press
XLIV. Mrs. Bold at Home
XLV. The Stanhopes at Home
XLVI. Mr. Slope's Parting Interview with the Signora
XLVII The Dean Elect
XLVIII Miss Thorne Shows her Talent at Match-making
XLIX. The Beelzebub Colt
L. The Archdeacon is Satisfied with the State of Affairs
LI. Mr. Slope Bids Farewell to the Palace and its Inhabitants
LII. The New Dean Takes Possession of the Deanery, and the New Warden of the Hospital
LIII. Conclusion

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